Monday, October 12, 2009

Chocolate. Need I say more.

little sin, guilty pleasure, chocolate, indulge, addiction, secret

For those interested in the enticing world of guilty pleasures relating to foodstuffs, check out the Guilty Pleasures Club. (Geez, there's a club for everything nowadays). Chocolatey aphrodisiac goodness.


  1. Ohhh, fun site! I have to admit that chocolate is my greatest weakness :)

  2. :) yes chocolate is one of my favorite food groups also.

  3. This is a fun site...being a fan of Postsecret, I was automatically drawn here.

    Chocolate....hell yes!

    My secret is this...I'm fascinated by other people's secrets x Bux

  4. I enjoy Postsecret as well... I think we have a secret in common :) Thank you for the comment.

    Now I'm off to make chocolate chocolate chip pancakes with fudge syrup.